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We Are Your Methamphetamine (Meth) Drug Lab Clean Up Specialists

Welcome to Complete Drying!

We are the premier Bay Area Environmental Mitigation Contractor specialzing in Meth Lab Cleanup, Water, Mold & Sewer remediation.
We hold CA state Contractors lic # 938986, B- General building contractor, C- 21 Building moving, demolition, HAZ Hazardous substances removal, ASB Asbestos- bidding purposes at this time RRP EPA lead safe firm.

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Meth Lab Cleanup

Complete Drying Inc. is a Properly Licensed Meth Contractor in the State of California. If it has been brought to your attention that a property that you may own has been quarantined, CDI can help.

CDI is a Premier Environmental Mitigation Contractor with years of experience in dealing with the County’s Environmental Health Services and Certified Industrial Hygienists involved in the clean-up process due to “meth” contamination


Mold Remediation

In October 2001, California became the first state to pass mold legislation into law. The States Toxic Mold Protection Act, Senate Bill 732(SB732) includes 'groundbreaking regulations' that specifically address the toxic mold issue.

CDI feels it is important that trained professionals remove the mold growth. Our technicians are trained in containing the area where the mold will be removed to eliminate any cross contamination.


Sewage Backflow

CDI knows that when we respond to a sewage loss, our goal is safety first for our client.

Upon arrival our technicians may extract solid waste and any remaining black, water if visible. The affected areas will be contained off and placed under negative air pressure. After the affected areas are treated we will begin the drying process to minimize the possibility of mold growth.

Water Damage

When water damage happens in either residential or commercial property, it is important to begin the remediation as quickly as possible.

CDI will need to determine the source of the damage. Our technicians are equipped with moisture meters and thermo imaging cameras to determine how much of the property has been affected.